Deal with the important work of the bank today, the bank is going to be closed for 4 consecutive days from tomorrow


new Delhi. If you have any important work in the bank, then deal with it today. If you are not able to do your important work today, then you will have to wait for four days. You will have to wait because the banks will be closed for four consecutive days from Saturday.

Where there will be no work in the bank due to Saturday and Sunday weekly holidays, there will be no work in the banks due to the strike by the bank union on 28 and 29 March (Monday and Tuesday). Won’t work. Bank unions across the country have called for a two-day strike to protest the government’s alleged privatization policies.

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customers will find it difficult

Banking services may be adversely affected due to the strike of the bank union, due to which the common people will have to face a lot of difficulties. Although, nowadays many banking services are available online, but some work has to be done by visiting the bank branch itself.

Indian Banks Association (IBA) was quoted as saying that the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) was involved in a two-day strike called by the bank union on March 28 and 29 to protest against the privatization of public sector banks and the Bank Law Amendment Bill-2021. ), Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) and All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA). On behalf of the country’s largest State Bank of India, it has been said that due to the strike of the bank union, bank work will be affected on March 28 and March 29.

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Gramin banks will also remain closed

This time rural banks will also go on strike. The All India Regional Rural Bank Employees Association (AIRRBEA) says that the strike notice has been sent to the central government on its behalf only last month. The association says that the government also wants to get rid of rural banks. The central government wants to withdraw its 50 percent stake in these banks. At present, the central government has 50 percent and the state government 15 percent in rural banks. 35 per cent capital of the concerned government bank is engaged.

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