Decode cancer, the world's most serious disease with genetics

Decode cancer, the world’s most serious disease with genetics


new Delhi. At present, cancer is one of the serious diseases in the world. If it is not detected in time, then the life of the patient can be lost. There are different causes of cancer. When the growth of cells in the body becomes abnormal, cancer occurs.

Research is going on all over the world for the treatment of cancer. In India too, serious efforts are being made in the direction of knowing and understanding its cause and prevention. The opinion of expert doctors in this regard matters a lot. In this article, along with knowing the opinion of experts about the causes, types and methods of their treatment, we will do an in-depth analysis of cancer.

Cancer rate is increasing in India. In such a situation, the question arises that why is this increase happening?

Dr. Munshi says that 1 percent of cancers are due to genetic predisposition. As research is increasing, the information about cancer caused by genetic predisposition is also increasing. For more information on cancer and its causes (genetics and dynovo etc.), get expert opinion.

If no one in the family has cancer, it does not mean that you cannot get cancer. Despite the treatment of symptoms like cancer, if it is not able to be cured, then it is necessary to get proper checkup done. If there is a mistake in our genes, then our children can also get cancer.

For example, retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye, it can develop in babies in the mother’s abdomen. Sacorma and embryonal tumors are most common in children. Epithelial tissue does not play a role in children’s cancers, therefore, they do not bleed or protrude as epithelial cells.

Apart from genetic disorders, the second cause of cancer is dinovo. That is, cancer was not in the family, but it happened for the first time to any member. It is important to diagnose it on time and start its treatment. Due to the increase in the facility of diagnosis, it is now possible to treat cancer on time.

We can use genetic testing to prevent cancer. It can help in the treatment of common cancers like breast and ovarian cancer in women. When a genetic test is done, it is not necessary to test everyone in the family. For example, if in a family a woman under 40 years of age has triple negative (- – -ve) breast cancer, we test only two genes – BRCA1 o BRCA2 – instead of examining the whole DNA, and in this case This is called an index case. Also, tests can be done for the rest of the family members, so that the possibility of this can be checked in them too. In terms of treatment options, India has limited options compared to the rest of the world, but it is constantly improving.

Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) is a cancer that primarily affects the digestive system. It usually occurs in the appendix and sometimes in the ovary, bladder or intestine. PMP can happen in people of any age.

The symptoms of pseudomyxoma peritonei seem quite common. It is a slow growing cancer. The main symptoms are abdominal pain, weight gain or increase in the size of the waist, swelling on the abdomen, enlarged ovaries, loss of appetite, inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis). A doctor should be consulted if these symptoms worsen or become severe. After a diagnosis of pseudomyxoma peritonei is made, it is important to consult a doctor and follow the instructions.

Radiation therapy uses high energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells. People with colon cancer usually have external beam radiation therapy, ie radiation given to the body from outside by a machine. Radiation therapy may be used before or after surgery to shrink the tumor or destroy any remaining cancer cells. To protect healthy cells from radiation, proton beam therapy is increasingly being developed instead.

To avoid cancer, abstain from the use of cigarettes or tobacco, include plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the daily diet, and use sunscreen on the skin while in the sun.



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