Demand for houses increased in 2021 despite Corona, prices increased by 7 percent in these cities

Demand for houses increased in 2021 despite Corona, prices increased by 7 percent in these cities


new Delhi. Last year home sales in major cities increased by 13% and housing prices rose by 3-7%. However, a major reason behind this increase is also the increase in the prices of materials used in house construction such as cement and steel. These figures have come out in an industry report on Monday.

According to’s “Real Insight Residential – Annual Round-up 2021” report, 2,05,936 homes were sold last year, compared to 1,82,639 homes sold last year. After the deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic by the second half of 2021, good days have returned to the housing sector with recovery in other sectors.

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Ahmedabad Tops 8 Major Markets

Last year, 2,05,936 homes were sold across eight major housing markets in India, which is 13% more than the total sales in 2020. The highest jump in property prices was seen in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Here there was an increase of 7% in 2021. Prices went up by up to 6% in Bangalore, 3% in Pune, and 4% in Mumbai. Home prices have increased by 5% in Chennai, Delhi-NCR and Kolkata.

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Talking about the sales figures, the sale of houses in Chennai has increased by 25%. 13,055 units were sold in 2021 as against 10,452 units in 2020. Only 1 percent growth has been registered in Delhi-NCR. In 2020, 17,789 units have been sold and in 2021, 17,907 units have been sold.

Houses sold for 36% more in Hyderabad

Sales in Hyderabad have been very high. Here the sales have increased from 16,400 to 22,239 units registering a growth of 36%. There has been an increase of 9 percent in Kolkata. Here 9,896 houses have been sold as against 9,061. Housing sales in Maharashtra have increased by 8% to 58,556 units as against 54,237 units in 2020. 42,425 units were sold in Pune in 2021 as against 39,086 units in 2020.

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Livemint quoted Aditya Kushwaha, CEO and Director, Axis eCorp as writing- We see good prospects in 2022 as well because the government’s policy with low interest rates by RBI is very supportive. We are optimistic about the times ahead and there is a lot of demand in the secondary housing and luxury segment. Looking at the current pace, we are planning to start several new projects in the same quarter including 100 crore projects in Darjeeling.

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