Demand to ban Chinese app Shoppe, 54 Chinese apps have been banned before

Demand to ban Chinese app Shoppe, 54 Chinese apps have been banned before


New Delhi. Since the boycott of Chinese goods, there is a continuous demand to ban Chinese apps. Due to this, 54 Chinese apps have also been banned by the central government. However, now there is a demand to ban the Chinese app Shoppe. On the other hand, Confederation of All India Traders has sent a memorandum to Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and Ashwini Vaishnav for not including Shopee in the app ban list.

CAIT has strongly demanded a complete ban on App Shoppe with immediate effect. Appreciating the government for banning 54 apps, CAIT wondered why Shopee was not included in the list of banned apps while its parent company Shopee Garena Fire is banned. The letter mentions the bold step taken by the government in banning the apps in view of India’s sovereign integrity and security. By banning these Chinese apps, India has sent a clear message across the world that we will not be subject to economic terrorism from Beijing or any other nation. Although it is surprising that the government has banned one arm of the same group but not the other.

In this regard, CAT General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that the main concern is that the consumer data of our country is being sent to China through these apps. We have to take a comprehensive approach, otherwise the country’s promising businesses will fall into the hands of foreigners in the long run. India lacks policies and regulations, especially policies and regulatory bodies for some of the most promising business streams like e-commerce, online gaming and other technology based verticals. Now the time has come to make necessary policy, laws and rules in collaboration with the regulatory authority.

An e-commerce entity, Shopee is owned by SEA Ltd., the same entity that also owns Garena: Free Fire. SEA Limited is controlled by Tencent and its Chinese founder Forrest Lee (who recently became a citizen of Singapore). Importantly, both Garena and Shopee store all their data on the Tencent cloud. In view of the Chinese relationship, the government has banned Garena: Free Fire. Considering that both Shopee and Garena are owned by the same parent company SEA Limited and they use Tencent Cloud (for storing data of Indian citizens). In such a situation, the Shopee app should also have been banned.

The memorandum said that the business leaders further stated that in the press published by the Ministry of Commerce on April 2020 that if investment is made in India by any country entity, then prior approval of the Government of India is mandatory for that. However, in violation of this, Shopee has incorporated a company in India (SPPIN India Private Limited) and has started its operations in India through it. As per the recent media reports, Shopee handles around 3-3.5 lakh orders per day. In such a situation, it should be banned from Google Play Store and App Store. Along with this, investigation should be initiated against SPPIN India and strict action should be taken against them for not taking prior permission from the Government of India to include investors of Chinese origin.

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