Despite bloodbath in the market, this penny stock gave a multibagger return of 150% in one month

Despite bloodbath in the market, this penny stock gave a multibagger return of 150% in one month


new Delhi. Multibagger stock: Despite the bloodbath in the stock market these days, some stocks have given multibagger returns in the last one month. Shares of Tine Agro are one of them. This stock of the textile maker is one of the multibagger penny stocks in 2022.

During this year, this multibagger stock has increased from the level of ₹ 7.14 to ₹ 56.05 level, which means it is giving a return of around 685% in 2022. This multibagger return has also surprised the market experts, because while on the one hand the biggest stocks in the market have also collapsed, but this stock is continuously running upwards.

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On Monday, Tine Agro share price reached Rs 56.05 with an upper circuit of 5 per cent. This is also the lifetime high of Tyne Agro traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Price History of Tyne Agro
In the last one week, this multibagger stock has hit the upper circuit of 5 per cent in all the 5 trade sessions, giving a return of 21.50 per cent to its shareholders. In the past one month, this multibagger stock has risen from ₹22.65 to ₹56.05 levels, giving returns of around 150 percent in this period. In this year, this multibagger penny stock has given a tremendous return of 685 per cent, while the Sensex has fallen around 9 per cent and the Nifty 50 index has fallen by about 10 per cent in this period.

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Know also about the price
This multibagger penny stock is trading at a lifetime high of ₹56.05 as against its 52-week low of ₹3.90 on BSE. The current trade volume of Multibagger stock listed on BSE is 6,53,631, which is much higher than its 20 days average volume of 51,324. The current market capitalization of this multibagger textile stock is 31 crores.

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