Do you know?  How much money was spent by the parties on the assembly election, know full details

Do you know? How much money was spent by the parties on the assembly election, know full details


new Delhi. Whether the election is of Lok Sabha or state assemblies, all parties spend money like water to win it. In the midst of the counting of votes for the assembly elections in five states going on today, questions must be arising in your mind that how much would have been the total expenditure on this election.

Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), an organization monitoring electoral activities, had said in a report released in 2017 that 7 national and 16 regional parties of the country had spent a total of Rs 494.36 crore in UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Punjab and Goa.

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For the elections held in 2022, the commission has given permission to spend 10 percent more amount. If we look at this ratio, then this time it is estimated that more than 550 crores will be spent. However, the ADR has not yet released its report on the election expenditure in 2022.

More money shed in UP than expected
In the largest and most important state of UP, parties have spent more money on elections than all anticipated. Its hallmark is found in the money seized during the election. Till March 3, 2022, a total of Rs 328.33 crore had been seized in UP, which was only 193.29 crore in the 2017 elections. If such a huge amount has been confiscated, then it can be easily estimated that how much would have been spent.

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4 thousand crores can be spent only in UP
According to an estimate, this time more than 4 thousand crores is estimated to be spent in the assembly elections of UP alone. Although there is a different count in the official figures, but the reality is much beyond this. After the 2017 assembly elections, the CMS poll study claimed to have spent Rs 5,500 crore in Uttar Pradesh alone.

How much was spent in Lok Sabha elections 2019
According to an estimate, in the last Lok Sabha elections, all the political parties together had spent about 60 thousand crores. However, the official figures of ADR were much less than this. Despite this, 60 thousand crore rupees were claimed to be spent in various non-government reports.

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