Due to delay in infrastructure sector projects, the government is losing billions, know the whole matter

Due to delay in infrastructure sector projects, the government is losing billions, know the whole matter


new Delhi . infrastructure sector projects Due to the delay, billions of rupees are being defrauded. According to a report of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the cost of 443 projects in the infrastructure sector with an expenditure of Rs 150 crore or more has increased by more than Rs 4.45 lakh crore from the estimated estimate. The cost of these projects has increased due to delays and other reasons.

The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation oversees infrastructure sector projects costing Rs 150 crore or more. The ministry’s January 2022 report states that out of 1,671 such projects, 443 have cost overruns, while 514 projects are running late.

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Project cost up 19 percent
According to the report, “The original cost of implementation of these 1,671 projects was Rs 22,54,175.77 crore, which is expected to increase to Rs 26,99,651.62 crore. This shows that the cost of these projects has increased by 19.76 per cent or Rs 4,45,475.85 crore.

main reason for delay
According to the report, till January 2022, Rs 13,16,293.63 crore has been spent on these projects, which is 48.76 percent of the total estimated cost. However, the ministry says that if we look at the recent timelines for completion of projects, the number of delayed projects will come down to 381.

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Average delay of 514 projects is 46.23 months
The report did not give information about the year of commissioning of 881 projects. The report said that out of 514 projects that are delayed, 89 projects are delayed by one month to 12 months, 113 projects are delayed by 13 to 24 months, 204 projects are delayed by 25 to 60 months and 108 projects are delayed by 61 months or more. . The average delay of these 514 projects is 46.23 months.

The reasons for the delay in these projects are delay in land acquisition, delay in getting clearances of Environment and Forest Department and lack of infrastructure. Apart from these, due to project funding, delay in implementation of detailed engineering, changes in the prospects of projects, delay in tender process, delay in award of contracts and procurement of equipment, legal and other problems, unforeseen land changes etc. Projects have been delayed.

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