Electric air taxis going to start soon, know how much will be the fare, what will be the price

Electric air taxis going to start soon, know how much will be the fare, what will be the price


New Delhi. For the past few years, the trend of electric cars and electric bikes is increasing rapidly all over the world. More people are adopting electric vehicles abroad than in India. Now the electric segment is going to achieve another new achievement. Now electric bikes, cars and scooters will be seen moving in the air in electric aircraft.

Recently, German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter is planning to launch electric air taxi in Singapore within two years. Currently in talks to provide flights to nearby destinations like Indonesia and Malaysia.

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According to a Bloomberg report, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer Christian Bauer says that his company aims to run a fleet of 10 to 20 air taxis around the popular tourist destinations of Marina Bay and Sentosa.

Volocopter also plans to set up maintenance operations in Singapore as part of the company’s Asian expansion move. Simultaneously, it is conducting a feasibility study on building electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in Asia, including city-states.

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The company is still in the process of obtaining permission from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to allow it to operate air taxis in Europe as well as Singapore. However, it has already started selling tickets for 15-minute Joy flights.

To further its expansion in Asia, the company plans to increase its workforce in Singapore from 10 currently to 500 by 2030. It is also expected to start providing parcel delivery services using its drones in collaboration with Geely in Chengdu, China, early next year. It is also working with government officials and companies in South Korea and Japan to provide flight taxi services.

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