Electric vehicles will be filled in Delhi, soon 100 e-charging stations will be set up, the vehicle will be charged for Rs 2

Electric vehicles will be filled in Delhi, soon 100 e-charging stations will be set up, the vehicle will be charged for Rs 2


EV charging station in Delhi: The state government is continuously working to make Delhi the EV Capital of India. The EV infrastructure is being greatly strengthened. E-charging stations will also be set up in the dense and rural areas of the capital. The Delhi government claims that 300 new e-charging stations will be installed in the next three months.

Delhi Energy Minister Satyendar Jain said that the Delhi government has given tenders for 500 EV charging points. Tenders have been floated by the state nodal agency, Delhi Transco Limited, for setting up EV charging infrastructure in Delhi. Satyendar Jain said that by June 27, 100 public charging stations with 500 charging points would be set up in Delhi. EV owners will be charged only Rs 2 per unit at the charging stations of the Delhi government, while in other states it is charged Rs 10-15 per unit. The bidding criterion was kept as the minimum service charge. Minus Rs 3.60 per unit service charge, EV users will get a lot of incentives.

Satyendra Jain said that Delhi is the capital of electric vehicles of the country. Last month, more than 10 percent of the electric vehicles sold across the country were sold in Delhi.

100 Charging Stations
The Delhi Government had formulated the Electric Vehicle Policy a year ago. It was said in the policy that public charging stations would be built within every three kilometers inside Delhi. It was decided to set up 100 public charging stations, which would have 500 charging points. Public charging stations are being built at 100 major places. In which 71 charging stations are at metro stations and rest are at major places.

The Energy Minister said that the bidding process that the government had put in place was on PPP mode. It has two parts. The government has provided the land. The Delhi government has arranged the land in collaboration with the agency. Apart from this, the transmission infrastructure has been provided by the Delhi government. It is the bidder’s job to install the EV charging station. In the EV charging stations that will be set up, the work of providing equipment, man power and service will be done by the company receiving the tender.

2 rupees per unit (Electric vehicle charging price)
He said that the bidding was done on the basis of which is the bidder, who will charge the least service fee. 12 bidders participated in it and got a bid of minus 3.60 rupees. That is, the service charge is in the negative rather than in the positive. Adding all, there are 22 kWh charging stations in Delhi, the per unit fee will be only two rupees. Normally this charge is 10, 12 or 15 rupees in different cities. Nowhere is the rate less than 10 rupees anywhere. For the first time in Delhi, electric vehicles will be charged within just Rs 2 per unit. Other places have very high rates.

Electric vehicle charging stations every 3 km
Jasmin Shah, vice-chairman of DDC and chairman of Delhi government’s Charging Infrastructure Working Group, said this was the largest tender of its kind in India and would double the EV charging infrastructure in Delhi in the next three months. He said that an EV charging station will be made available in every three kilometer radius in Delhi. Public charging stations will also be available in outer Delhi.

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