emoji:  What are Emoji reactions and where you can use them - Times of India

emoji: What are Emoji reactions and where you can use them – Times of India


Emoji reactions are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Google recently announced Emoji reactions support a couple of its services. Meta already has similar features included for a while now. Microsoft also offers the same in Skype, Teams, etc.
The Emoji reactions have become an alternative to text-based replies, basically a nonverbal way of responding to a message. The benefit of using emoji replies is that they can convey emotions as well.
What are Emoji reactions?
As mentioned, Emoji reactions are a nonverbal mode of communication in the digital world. In this, users are able to respond to a message or file, document, etc via a set of predefined emojis.
Usually, the platform decides which emojis will be available as emoji reactions. However, there are some platforms that allow users to choose the emoji of their choice.
The Emoji reactions make things easier when you simply don’t want to reply or respond to a particular message in a group or personal chat
Which platforms offer Emoji reactions
Well, Google has already announced Emoji reactions support for a couple of its apps and services. Similarly, Meta, Microsoft, and Zoom also offer their own iteration of Emoji reaction in their services.
Instagram, Facebook and Messenger: Meta-owned apps and services have had this feature for a while now. The option is available on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram where users can simply long-press or simply hover their mouse pointer on the message or comment to open the emoji reaction popup.
Microsoft Teams: Microsoft also has Emoji reactions available for Teams come with the option to share emojis. It also offers quick reactions where users need to hover their mouse pointer over a message to see the reactions.
Zoom: Zoom also allows users to send meeting reactions. The video conferencing platform offers two options — All emojis, which allow users to use any emoji as the meeting reaction or use select standard emojis as a quick meeting reaction.
Google Messages: Google recently added the emoji reaction option in the Messages app. The option allows users to respond to a message via a set of standard emojis.
iMessage: Apple was among the first to introduce the idea of emoji reactions. The instant messaging app allows users to respond to a text using emoji by a simple long press.
Apart from that Google has recently announced that Emoji reactions will be coming to Docs, Meet and YouTube.


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