Employees are considering it better to leave the job if there is no option of work from home


New Delhi: The Corona (Covid-19) epidemic has not only changed the way of life of people around the world, but has also changed a lot in the matter of work. When all the offices were closed and work from home (WFH) was started in the lockdown at the beginning of this epidemic, most of the people started having problems. But now this system of work is being liked by the employees very much.

Raas Aane Laga Work From Home

With the improvement in the situation of Corona, most of the offices have opened and work from home is being abolished, but the employees are refusing to go back to the office and work. Employees have started liking the way of working from home for almost 2 years. If a company is not giving the option of work from home and is forcing an employee to come to the office, then they are ready to leave their job.

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Rejecting even higher salary

This has been revealed in a survey conducted by CIEL HR Services. 60 percent of the employees surveyed considered it better to leave the job than to go to work. Even for work from home (WFH), he turned down the offer of work from office (WFO) higher salary. CIEL HR Services is a recruitment and staffing firm.

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WFH work and life balance

The employees involved in the survey cited several reasons for the option of work from home. Most of them believed that this resulted in a better balance of work and life without affecting their efficiency. In the survey, 2,000 employees of 620 companies in the business enabled sector including IT, outsourcing, tech startup, consulting, BFSI were included. Out of these, 40 percent employees of companies are doing work from home. While 26 percent are in hybrid (WFH and WFO) mode. Employees of other companies work completely from office. His work from home is over.

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