EPFO News: Good news about employment, 14.6 lakh new subscribers joined EPFO ​​in December

EPFO News: Good news about employment, 15.29 lakh subscribers joined EPFO ​​in January


new Delhi. Good news has come about employment in the country. In fact, retirement fund body Employees’ Provident Fund Organization i.e. EPFO ​​(Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) added 15.29 lakh net subscribers in January 2022, which shows an increase of 21 per cent as compared to 12.60 lakh in December 2021.

The Labor Ministry said in a statement on Sunday, “The provisional payroll data of EPFO ​​has been released today, i.e. on 20 March 2022, according to which EPFO ​​added 15.29 lakh subscribers on a net basis in January 2022. On a monthly basis, 2.69 lakh more subscribers were created in January 2022 as compared to December 2021.

According to the data, a total of 12.60 lakh new subscribers were added in December 2021. According to the statement, out of the total 15.29 lakh subscribers added on a net basis in January, about 8.64 lakh new subscribers have been registered under the EPF and social security purview of the MP Act, 1952.

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The statement further said that around 6.65 lakh net subscribers had opted out of the scheme, but instead of opting for final withdrawal, rejoined the EPFO ​​while continuing their membership. The ministry said in the statement that the payroll data also shows a declining trend in the number of members who exited from July 2021.

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