Expected strong rise in the stock included in Vijay Kedia's portfolio, know why it would be a better option to buy

Expected strong rise in the stock included in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio, know why it would be a better option to buy


New Delhi. Investors are buying discount-priced stocks after tensions between Russia and Ukraine eased. Experts say that such investors can buy stocks of Tejas Network. He says that due to the easing of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, a sudden rise in Indian stocks is expected. In such a situation, quality stocks can outperform the benchmark indices.

According to market experts, the portfolio stock of Vijay Kedia can go up to Rs 520 in the short term. It is looking positive on the chart pattern. Stock prices have fallen by 10 per cent in the last one month. In such a situation, after the reverse trend in the Indian secondary market, shares of Tejas Network are expected to rise strongly.

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Keep in portfolio for long term
Avneesh Gorakshakar, Head of Research, Profitmart Securities, says that Tejas Networks Limited is a telecom hardware company. After the announcement of Made in India 5G, it is expected to get big benefits. So it is better to keep this stock in your portfolio for long term.

so it is better to buy
Sumit Bagadiya, Executive Director, Choice Broking said that investors with high risk appetite should consider buying this multibagger stock fast. In 2021 it was included in the multibagger stock. It has been selling continuously since last 6 months. Now it is available at attractive prices. You can buy it at the target of Rs 470 per stock.

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Stock may touch Rs 520 level
Anuj Gupta, Vice-President, IIFS Securities, says that Vijay Kedia’s stock is expected to rise strongly. Multibagger stock chart is looking positive on the pattern. It can reach Rs 520 in the next three months. However, stop loss should be maintained at Rs 360 level.

Vijay Kedia’s stake in Tejas Network
As per the shareholding pattern of Tejas Network for the quarter October to December 2021, Vijay Kedia has invested in this company through Kedia Securities Limited. Vijay Kedia’s company Kedia Securities Limited holds 39 lakh shares of Tejas Network or 3.42 percent stake in the company.

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