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You may often notice that your home broadband internet speed is not up to the mark or that you are not being delivered the speed that you were offered. This is probably because you probably have exceeded the data limit as per the plan you have subscribed to. However, there can be other reasons too. One of such reasons can be Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling. When your internet service provider deliberately curtails your internet speed or bandwidth without informing you, it is referred to as ISP throttling. But the question is why do ISPs throttle the internet. Here’s your answer.
Why do ISPs throttle internet
Generally, ISPs throttle an internet connection to monitor or control the internet traffic over their own networking and to reduce bandwidth congestion. Sometimes, they do that also to enforce data limits.
But sometimes, throttling is not as bad as it sounds. If many customers are using the same cell tower, ISPs throttle the bandwidth so that every user gets an equally powerful network.
Internet Service Providers throttle the internet to evenly regulate network traffic and clear up congestion. They also do it to slow your connection once you are past the fixed data limit.
Throttling, however, becomes questionable when your ISP influences your internet habits and rips profit out of you.
Here are some common reasons for ISP throttling
Data caps
Some internet service providers, especially mobile network ones, limit the threshold of the amount of high-speed data every month. If you reach somewhere near that cap, they start throttling, which eventually reduces your speed. An ISP must state in your plan about your data limit. If you think your speed is being throttled, take to your app to find out if ahead of your limit.
Network Congestion
Generally, when a network becomes too crowded with a lot of people trying to connect, ISPs throttle the bandwidth to regulate traffic. This move helps almost all customers in the area to get evenly distributed bandwidth to stay connected.
Internet service providers also tend to throttle your data when you try to access a certain form of data like large files or torrents that involve too much bandwidth. They generally do this when their bandwidth gets strained from the user’s activity.
How to tell if you re being throttled
It is not always clear whether an individual is being throttled or not as many factors can contribute towards slowing down an internet connection. It is always best to run a test to understand whether you are being throttled. The result of the test will give you a fair idea if you are getting what you are paid for.


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