Flying cars will run in India!  Suzuki and SkyDrive will jointly produce, know details

Flying cars will run in India! Suzuki and SkyDrive will jointly produce, know details


new Delhi. Suzuki Motor and flying car firm SkyDrive Inc. have signed an agreement to research, manufacture and sell flying cars together. With SkyDrive, Suzuki said in a statement that it will work closely with the initial focus on India. With this new deal, the Japanese automaker is going to enter the fourth mobility business apart from automobiles, motorcycles and outboard motors.

Flying car company SkyDrive is currently working on developing a compact, two-seating electric-powered flying car. The company also plans to produce it completely. However, the statement did not say whether Suzuki would work with the company on this model or not. Earlier in 2025, the company will launch the ‘Flying Car’ service at the World Expo to be held in Osaka, Japan.

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Suzuki invests in India
Suzuki recently announced an investment of $1.37 billion in India for the production of electric vehicles and batteries. According to the report, Suzuki Motor may establish India as the base for electric vehicles, whose demand may increase in the coming years. A previous report said that the sale of electric vehicles in the country had tripled last year. India has set a target of achieving zero emissions by 2070. The Government of India is constantly emphasizing on the rapid development of electric vehicles and supply chain.

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focus on electric vehicle
Along with bringing flying cars to the Indian market, Maruti Suzuki is emphasizing on increasing the production of electric vehicles and launching more new electric vehicles. A previous report also said that the air taxis market is expected to grow to $1,700 trillion in 2040. Urban air mobility infrastructure is being touted by the South Korean government as one of the next generation technologies, which will also reduce traffic on the roads.

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