Forbes List: The coin of these Indian women runs in America's tech companies

Forbes List: The coin of these Indian women runs in America’s tech companies


Forbes Magazine has released the list of top-50 American women executives of tech companies. 4 women of Indian origin have also made it to this list. Uber’s senior director Komal Mangtani, Confluent’s chief technology officer co-founder Neha Narkhede, Cisco’s former chief technology officer Padmashree Warrior, identity management company Drawbridge’s Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan are included in the list.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan (43) is the CEO and founder of Drawbridge, a company related to artificial intelligence. He formed the company in the year 2010.

Drawbridge tracks which devices people are using. So far, there has been an external investment of $ 687 million in the company. Before starting Drawbridge, Kamakshi was a data scientist at mobile ad platform Admob. He had studied from Mumbai.

Padmashree Warrior (58) is currently the US head of the Chinese car company Neo. She will resign on December 17. Prior to this, she was the Chief Technology Officer at American tech company Cisco Systems.

He is also on the board of Microsoft. Born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Padmashree studied at Delhi IIT.

gentle engagement (43) is the senior director of Uber. She is also the head of the Business Intelligence Section.

Komal is also on the board of women’s NGO of Uber. He studied at Dharamsingh Desai Institute of Technology, Gujarat.

Neha Narkhede (32) helped develop Apache Kafka software for Cofluent while working as a software engineer at LinkedIn.
This data processing software proved to be very helpful in increasing the business of Cofluent. Neha did her studies from Pune University.

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