Foreign investors are continuously withdrawing money, withdrawal of Rs 45,608 crore in March so far

Foreign investors are continuously withdrawing money, withdrawal of Rs 45,608 crore in March so far


Foreign Portfolio Investors- FPIs: Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) are continuously withdrawing their money from the Indian market. This process of withdrawing money is going on for the last 6 months. So far in March, FPIs have withdrawn about Rs 45,608 crore from the Indian markets. FPI selling is highest in just 11 days of March as compared to the last two months of the new year. So far this year, a total of 1 lakh 10 thousand 63 crores have been withdrawn. For the third consecutive month this year, most of the selling in the equity market took place, while foreign investors remained sellers in the debt market for the second consecutive month.

Experts believe that India’s commodity market will be most affected by rising crude oil prices, due to which foreign investors are pulling their hands. Crude oil price is currently at the highest level in many years. The pressure on the rupee continues. And the eyes of the world are on the new interest rates of the Federal Reserve (US Federal Reserves). And apart from all this, the war that broke out in Russia-Ukraine is affecting the market the most.

In the midst of all these circumstances, Foreign Portfolio Investors are withdrawing their investment from the Indian market.

According to depository data, FPIs have withdrawn Rs 41,168 crore from equities during March 2 to 11. Apart from this, he has withdrawn Rs 4,431 crore from the debt or bond market and Rs 9 crore through hybrid means. In this way his net withdrawal has been Rs 45,608 crore. In February and January 2022, FPI outflows stood at Rs 35,592 crore and Rs 33,303 crore.

Foreign investors have been selling continuously since October last year. Since October, foreign investors have withdrawn 1.48 lakh, 584 crore from the Indian market. If the stock market and bond market are combined, then this amount is 1.56 lakh, 862 crore rupees.

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