Foreign investors' confidence down, FPIs pulled out ₹14,935 crore from Indian markets in the first fortnight of February

Foreign investors’ confidence down, FPIs pulled out ₹14,935 crore from Indian markets in the first fortnight of February


New Delhi. Foreign portfolio investors i.e. FPIs have withdrawn Rs 14,935 crore from the Indian markets in the first fortnight of February. This is the fourth consecutive month that FPIs have been sellers.

According to depository data, during February 1 to 11, FPIs have withdrawn Rs 10,080 crore from equities, Rs 4,830 crore from debt segment and Rs 24 crore from hybrid instruments. In this way their total withdrawal has been Rs 14,935 crore.

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Himanshu Srivastava, Associate Director (Manager Research), Morningstar India said, “FPI selling has increased after the US central bank signaled to abandon the soft monetary stance. Globally, bond yields have risen after the US central bank signaled a hike in interest rates.

US inflation at 40-year high
Srivastava said that inflation in the US has reached a 40-year high. In such a situation, the US central bank can increase interest rates aggressively in the coming months. This may further increase the outflow of foreign funds from Indian stocks.

Flows mixed in emerging markets
Shrikant Chauhan, Head of Equity Research (Retail), Kotak Securities said that in February till date, the trend in emerging markets has been mixed. He said that during this period, the flow of investment in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Philippines has been $ 1155 million, $ 58 million, $ 477 million and $ 133 million respectively. On the other hand, $ 41 million has been withdrawn from Taiwan during this period.

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VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist, Geojit Financial Services, said, “FPIs will continue to sell in the coming days due to a weak trend in global markets and rising yields on 10-year bonds in the US.”

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