Forever Work From Home!  The world's leading tech company announced

Forever Work From Home! The world’s leading tech company announced


new Delhi. Twitter has given a gift to its employees. Twitter Chief Parag Agarwal, in a series of tweets on Friday, announced that the social networking company is going to reopen its global offices this month. If people want to work from office, they can do it, but if they want to work from home (Work From Home) or from anywhere else (Work From Anywhere). It will completely depend on the wishes of the employees.

However, Parag Aggarwal, while advocating the employees to return to the office, said that there will be a vibrant culture of working in the office and business travel will also be opened with immediate effect. He said that from March 15, all global Twitter offices will open. Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal wrote in a tweet, “Where to work, whether you want to travel safely for business or not, or which event to attend, is entirely up to you to decide.”

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Work from where you feel good
Twitter CEO tells employees to work wherever they feel most productive and creative. He added that this also includes the option of “Fully Work From Home (WFH) forever.” Parag Agarwal stressed that those who want to continue working remotely will need to “Learn and Adapt”, as “working from different locations will be more difficult.”

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As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the chances of a return to offices were slim. However, with the situation now returning to normal, Google is also preparing to open its Silicon Valley offices to employees in early April. Google expects that their employees will work from home only 2 days a week and from office for the rest of the day.

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