From Kohli to Hollywood singer Kylie, celebrities wear shoes made by this Bihari boy

From Kohli to Hollywood singer Kylie, celebrities wear shoes made by this Bihari boy


Mumbai. It is not an easy task to go from Bihar to Mumbai and reach from Bollywood to Hollywood on the strength of your ability. But Jameel Shah, a resident of Darbhanga district of Bihar state, made his dream come true. From Bollywood’s Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni to cricketers Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Hollywood’s Australian singer Kylie Minogue, wear made of Jameel. Whose shoes are worn by all these superstars, he never had shoes himself to wear.

Jameel’s journey started like this-
Jameel Shah is a resident of Darbhanga district of Bihar. In search of employment, at the age of just 12, he reached Mumbai, the city of dreams in the year 1998. But getting work was not so easy. From selling the purse in the local train there, what did Jameel do? After that he started working in a shoe factory. The story of Jameel Shah started from a small shoe factory and after reaching here got a job as an artisan in a leather company.

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The hobby of dancing made dancing shoe-maker
Jameel is fond of dancing. Along with work, Jameel also joined dance classes. But Jameel did not have the money to buy expensive dancing shoes. Jameel’s choreographer Sandeep Soparkar advised Jameel that if you like leather, then make your own shoes. After that Jameel made great shoes for dance performance. The shoes that Jameel made for himself were liked by his dancing class friends too. Later, the people who were learning dance from his class also got him shoes made. From here the journey of success started. Today Jameel has become a shoe producer from Mamli Artisan.

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Named ‘Shah Shoes’. Today Jameel’s shoes are sold under this brand name. Jameel remembered the fact of not being able to buy expensive shoes and kept the price of his made shoes from Rs 2 thousand to Rs 20 thousand. Everyone can dance for four to five hours with the shoes made by Jameel. Jameel says that he offers his company’s shoes in the market at a very affordable price. Actress Tara Sutaria, who made her Bollywood debut with ‘Student of the Year-2’, bought the heeled dance-shoes from Jameel.

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