Gadgets Mantra: By adopting this simple technique, the life of your laptop battery will increase, understand the process


new Delhi. In this world of online and digital, you must be using laptop too. Many times while working, your laptop’s battery runs out and the work gets stuck in the middle. How good it would be if your battery works for a few more hours.

Windows11 gives you the solution to these problems. There are many advantages in this software. The most important thing is its operating system and even more amazing feature is the battery management. That is, now your laptop will work like your mobile with battery saver option. For this you do not need to buy a new laptop, but start working on Windows 11 in the existing laptop itself.

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Will work on your instructions
Most of the people would not know that their laptop or tablet has a battery saver option, which in conjunction with Windows 11 allows longer battery usage. Once the setting is done, your laptop starts running on the automatic battery saver option and you can also disable it whenever you want.

How to set this for battery saver
First of all, press the start button and type setting.
The option of Power and Battery will be found in the System menu option.
Go to Battery section and click on Battery saver option.
Then click on Turn On Now.
Now you set the battery percentage after which the battery saver option has to be activated.

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Be prepared for these problems
The battery saver option will activate as soon as you drop below the specified percentage and the laptop will continue to run longer than normal. However, once it is activated, the overall performance of your device may decrease. Not only this, sometimes you may also have to face the problem of lagging in the laptop or tablet.

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