gboard:  Google updates Gboard with automatic language detection feature: What does it mean - Times of India

gboard: Google updates Gboard with automatic language detection feature: What does it mean – Times of India


Google Translate is an important service that is offered by the tech giant. This service is helpful for users in multiple aspects. Now, the company has made this service even easier for the users. Google has updated the Translate service by updating the Gboard virtual keyboard app. This will allow the keyboard to automatically update the language when you enter the text that isn’t in the default language of your device.
How does it work?
Let us describe this feature with the help of an example. For instance, the default language set on your device is English and you open the Google Translate app to convert your content from Hindi. As you set Hindi as the language to “translate from” by tapping the option above the keyboard on the left of the screen and start typing on the “Enter text field,” you will find that the Hindi version of the keyboard will come up. Google Translate will automatically change the keyboard to its Hindi version.
How is it useful?
Previously, users had to manually go into the Gboard settings to make the change to the keyboard. This update will reduce the hassle of physically changing Gboard settings along with saving time and increasing efficiency. However, the virtual keyboard will return to its default language once you close the Google Translate app. Users can also quickly return to their default language on the keyboard by tapping the globe icon, present on the left of the space bar. This feature may seem insignificant but it is going to make the lives of several users easier.
Availability of this feature
The feature is available on the Gboard version of 11.6 and Google Translate version of 6.33. You can also check the version of Gboard and Google Translate your device is running. Go to “Settings”, tap on “Apps” and select the option that says “See all apps”. Here, you will find both Gboard and Translate apps. You can scroll the screen to check the individual apps and tap on each one. Scroll to the bottom of the page after selecting each app and here it will show the version of each app that you are running.


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