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New Delhi: In recent times, many Indian startup companies have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. But an Indian couple created history in the startup industry. Both husband and wife have succeeded in making their different startups Unicorn i.e. valued at $ 1 billion. The success of this Indian couple is inspiring at a time when it is both challenging to market a startup and turn it into a profitable one. They are the first Indian couple to reach this pinnacle of success. The special thing is that both the startups have achieved this feat within a year.

The couple are Ashish Mohapatra (41 years old) and Ruchi Kalra (38 years old). Both have studied from IIT. They met while working at McKinsey & Company. On Wednesday, Ruchi Kalra’s startup Oxyzo Financial Services informed that it has received the first funding of $ 200 million from investors including Alpha Wave Global, Tiger Global Management, Norwest Venture Partners among others. Earlier, her husband Ashish Mohapatra’s Startup OfBusiness had succeeded in becoming a unicorn with investments from SoftBank Corp and others.

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Oxyzo what is the job of
Oxijo uses technology to crunch data and finance merchants. Also, it gives loans to small and medium businessmen struggling with working capital. This startup was started in 2017 as a branch of OffBusiness. Matrix Partners and Creation Investments have also invested in Oxizo.

OfBusiness what is of Business
OffBusiness started in the year 2016 formally OFB Tech Pvt. is known as. It supplies bulk of raw materials like steel, diesel, grain and industrial chemicals to small and medium businesses.

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