Gmail WhatsApp Feature:  Google gets this 'WhatsApp feature' to Gmail - Times of India

Gmail WhatsApp Feature: Google gets this ‘WhatsApp feature’ to Gmail – Times of India


Google is rolling out new features for Spaces in Google Chat. These include features like setting Space Managers, Space guidelines and Space descriptions. Announcing via a blog post, Google said that these features are aimed to help users better organize people, topics, and projects.
Space Manager role will give certain users more control over the management of space. They will also be able to add descriptions to Spaces and also define guidelines that establish rules and expectations for members to create a safer community experience.
“The Manager role provides tools to promote healthy conversations and control the availability of the space within an organization,” Google said in the blog post. Space creators will be Space Managers by default. But if they want they can assign the role to other members of the Space.

Google will now allow users to add descriptions for Space. This field can be used to describe the purpose of the space, such as a place to discuss all things asteroids, which is a helpful context for members of the space.
Users can add a space description when creating a space or by selecting “View space details” for an existing space. The ability to add descriptions will be available on both web and mobile. To view Space descriptions, users can select “View space details” or it can also be viewed when a user is in the “Browse Spaces” view.
These new features have started rolling out to users from February 28. Space Manager’s role is expected to have a wider rollout by March 14, 2022. While the Space descriptions and Space guidelines are anticipated to have a rollout later this month.


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