Gold Price Hike: Gold again crosses 52 thousand, know how much the rate of 10 grams of gold increased


new Delhi. Due to the increase in the prices in the global market, the rates of gold and silver have also increased in the Indian market on Friday (Gold-Silver rate Hike). The rate of gold on the multicommodity exchange has again crossed the level of 52 thousand.

On MCX, the futures price of 24 carat purity gold rose by Rs 308 to Rs 57,075 per 10 grams at 9.10 am. At the beginning of trading on the exchange, the price of gold was opened at Rs 51,702. After this, due to increasing demand, the prices of the yellow metal kept increasing and within a few minutes it crossed the level of Rs 52 thousand.

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silver also shines
On MCX, the opening of silver in the morning was strong and opened with a big jump at Rs 69,663 per kg. However, as trading progressed, investors started booking profits by selling some. Despite this, the rate of silver rose by Rs 130 to Rs 69,450 per kg.

There was also a boom in the global market
In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, due to the rise in crude and gas prices, investors are also increasing the purchase of gold and silver. In the global market, where gold has increased by 0.22 percent to $ 1,962.85 an ounce, while silver prices also rose by 0.16 percent and it is selling at $ 25.96 an ounce.

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That’s why the price of gold and silver increased again
Due to the Russo-Ukraine war, there is volatility in the stock markets around the world and its effect is also on the Indian market. Investors are once again returning to gold in search of safe returns, due to which the demand has increased again. At the same time, after the relief from Corona, industrial activities have started gaining momentum again, due to which the demand for silver is also increasing and the prices have started to rise.

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