Gold Price Today: Gold and silver are cheap, check the rate of 10 grams of gold immediately


new Delhi. Due to the volatility in the global market, the price of gold and silver came down on Thursday. There was a slight decline in the rate of the yellow metal on the Multicommodity Exchange (MCX).

On MCX, at 9.10 am, the futures price of gold fell by Rs 8 to Rs 51,371 per 10 grams. This rate is for gold of 24 carat purity. Similarly, silver prices also changed and the futures price on MCX weakened by Rs 78 to Rs 67,614 per kg. Silver remained above 68 thousand for the last few sessions.

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rising prices in the global market
While the prices of gold and silver have softened in the Indian futures market, its prices have increased in the global market. In the New York market, gold is selling at $ 1,922.28 an ounce, up 0.031 percent. Similarly, silver prices also rose by 0.16 percent and reached $ 24.84 an ounce.

Gold cheaper by $8 in two days
Gold prices have come down sharply in the global market. Two days ago, the price of gold was $ 1,930.50 an ounce, which has now come down to about $ 8. Similarly, the price of silver was also at $ 25.35 an ounce two days ago. It has declined by about $ 0.75. Experts believe that if the prices come down further in the global market, then Indian customers will also get the benefit of this.

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What is the expert’s guess
Market analysts say that after the end of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, gold prices will fall sharply. Russia also has large reserves of gold and wants to sell it in the global market. If this gold comes in the market then its supply will increase and there can be a big fall in the prices.

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