Good News!  Today is the chance to buy cheap gold, the rate fell by Rs 850 in a single day, know the price of 10 grams

Gold-Silver Price: Gold becomes costlier by Rs 220, silver prices fall, know the condition of bullion market for the whole week


new Delhi. There has been a rise in the weekly prices of gold in the Indian bullion market. On the other hand, the prices of silver have declined. The price of silver has fallen by Rs 481. In this trading week, the price of gold has increased by Rs 220 per 10 grams. While the price of silver has fallen by Rs 403 per kg. According to the website of India Bullion and Jewelers Association i.e. IBJA, at the beginning of this business week (between February 14-18), the rate of 999 quality (24 carat) gold was 49,752, which increased to Rs 49,972 per 10 till Friday. Village is done. At the same time, the price of silver has come down from Rs 63,910 to Rs 63,507 per kg.

Explain that the prices issued by IBGA give information about the standard price of gold of different purity. All these prices are before tax and making charges. The rates issued by IBGA are universal across the country but the prices do not include GST.

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How much gold rate changed in last one week
January 14, 2022- Rs 49,752 per 10 grams
January 15, 2022- Rs 49,578 per 10 grams
January 16, 2022- Rs 49,457 per 10 grams
January 17, 2022- Rs 50,109 per 10 grams
January 18, 2022- Rs 49,972 per 10 grams

How much silver rate changed in last one week
February 14, 2022- Rs 63,910 per kg
February 15, 2022- Rs 63,105 per kg
February 16, 2022- Rs 63,234 per kg
February 17, 2022- Rs 63,785 per kg
February 18, 2022- Rs 63,507 per kg

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Gems & Jewelery exports up 6.5% in first 10 months of FY22
Significantly, during the first 10 months (April-January) of the current financial year 2021-22, the country’s gems and jewelery exports increased by 6.5 percent to $ 32.37 billion. Industry body Gems and Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) gave this information on Wednesday. Earlier, in the first 10 months of the last financial year 2020-21, gems and jewelery exports stood at $ 30.40 billion. GJEPC said the top 10 exporting countries in the first 10 months of the current financial year were the United Arab Emirates (41.50 per cent), Belgium (15.81 per cent), Japan (12.20 per cent) and Hong Kong (3.06 per cent).

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