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Gold-Silver Rate: Gold’s shine decreased in the market, Rs.656 cheaper-silver also fell


new Delhi. The effect of the rise in the stock market was also visible in the bullion market on Friday. There has been a sharp decline in the prices of gold and silver.

On the Multicommodity Exchange (MCX), the price of gold declined by Rs 656 to Rs 50,887 per 10 grams at 10.20 am on Friday. The futures price of March 4 on the exchange was showing a decline of 1.27 percent. A day earlier, there was a big jump of Rs 1,600 in the price of gold.

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Silver also fell more than 2 percent
There was a sharp fall in the futures price of silver on MCX today. At 10.20 am, the futures price of silver on March 5 fell by Rs 1,391 to Rs 64,640. A day earlier, silver had risen by more than Rs 2,000 and the prices had reached Rs 69 thousand per kg.

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The growth in the global market continues
Gold and silver prices continue to rise in other global markets including America. On Friday morning, the spot price of gold was $ 1,909.6 an ounce, which is 0.3 percent higher than the day’s earlier. Similarly, silver was also selling at $ 24.33 an ounce, which is 0.5 percent higher than the day before.

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