Good News!  Double gift to Air India employees, cut salary will be refunded and salary will increase

Good News! Double gift to Air India employees, cut salary will be refunded and salary will increase


new Delhi. There is good news for the pilots and crew members of Air India. The deduction that was made in his salary and other allowances during the pandemic will be returned soon. Along with this, there is a possibility of increase in salary as well. In fact, the Tata Group, the new owner of Air India, has started the process of restoring the salaries of pilots and crew of its three airlines under the restructuring of salaries and allowances.

Air India’s earnings were affected during the Corona epidemic, due to which the basic salary, flying allowance and layover allowance (international) of pilots and crew were cut. A senior Tata Group official associated with the matter said that the company is considering allowances, leave policy and other measures for the employees.

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Lots of complications in Air India
The official said that being a government company, Air India has had a lot of complications regarding these variables. Now it needs to be linked to the policy of the Tata group airlines. The Tata group has recently acquired Air India from the government. The airline has 12,085 employees, of which 8,084 are permanent.

No information on salary and allowances
Two pilots of Air India said that the restoration of salary and allowances is yet to be implemented. These pilots include a Captain and a First Officer. One of them said that till now no information has been received regarding reinstatement of deduction in salary. Meanwhile, the salary has been paid soon under the new management.

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payment of flounce allowance
Pilot said that flying allowance for January has been paid in February. Earlier it was available after at least three months. An industry official said the salary in Air India is likely to be in line with the composition of other Tata group airlines. The Tata group has a majority stake (majority stake) in Air Asia India and Vistara, apart from Air India and Air India Express.

Salary structure will be same
An official said on condition of anonymity that the salary structure of Air India employees is complex. The Tata group will ease this and develop a similar framework like its other airlines. The group has launched a 100-day plan for Air India to improve its operational and service standards.

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was cut during the pandemic
During the pandemic, the layover allowance of Air India employees was cut by 60-70 percent. There was a 40 percent reduction in flying allowance. For this, before the handing over of Air India to the Tata group in January, its pilots had written to the airline’s former management demanding refund of the deducted salary. It was said that the disproportionate salary deduction made during the Kovid-19 period should be brought back with easing.

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