Good news for farmers: Agriculture Ministry is bringing new scheme, government will spend 2500 crores

Good news for farmers: Agriculture Ministry is bringing new scheme, government will spend 2500 crores


new Delhi . A good news is coming for the farmers doing natural farming. The Agriculture Ministry is ready with a new central scheme to promote natural farming in the country. Giving this information, a senior official said that an estimated Rs 2,500 crore will be spent on this scheme. The official said that this proposed new scheme will soon be put up for the approval of the cabinet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a national conference on natural farming in Gujarat in December last year, had said that there is a need to explore alternatives to fertilizer and pesticide based farming. After a few months this new plan has been made.

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No ‘Side Effects’

Modi had said that natural farming can bring better products which have no ‘side effects’. “After several rounds of talks with the stakeholders, a draft plan on natural farming has been prepared. The objective of this scheme is to promote natural farming without disrupting the existing system of farming.

Special proposal in general budget 2022

The official said that under the proposed scheme, farmers doing natural farming will be supported for marketing their products. Apart from this, extended services will also be provided to them. It is noteworthy that in the Union Budget 2022, the government had announced to promote chemical-free natural farming across the country. It was to begin with a five-kilometre corridor of fields along the Ganges river.

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According to the government research institute NITI Aayog, natural farming is a chemical-free traditional farming method. Natural farming in India is promoted through the Natural Farming System Program (BPKP) under the centrally sponsored scheme Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY).

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