Good News! Passengers will be able to fly again till Hong Kong, soon the ban on Indian flights will be removed


new Delhi. Due to the reduced infection of the corona epidemic, the borders of the world are now getting ready to welcome other countries. Hong Kong has also announced that from April 1, it will end the ban on Indian flights.

Hong Kong Minister Carrie Lam said that after the gradual decrease in cases of Kovid-19, the time has come to end the restrictions on flights. The ban on the airlines of nine countries including India will be removed from April 1, 2022. Earlier, due to the Omicron variant of Kovid-19, Hong Kong had banned flights from eight high-risk countries including the US, UK, France and India. In February last, the ninth country Nepal also joined it.

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India is also opening its sky
The Government of India has also approved all international flights to and from abroad from March 27. The government has said that these international flights will operate only under the guidelines set for foreign flights. For this, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has also issued guidelines.

The ban has been in force for almost two years.
All scheduled international commercial flights were stopped on 23 March 2020 after the first wave of corona infection arrived. By issuing a circular on 19 March 2020, the government had closed its skies for flights coming from other countries along with stopping foreign flights. On 28 February 2022, a fresh circular was issued asking for suspension of flights till further orders. However, now it is being opened.

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Infection was spread in Hong Kong
Despite all the restrictions and strict social distance measures from Hong Kong, the infection spread rapidly and in three months more than one million cases were reported in Hong Kong. Not only this, 5,600 deaths were also recorded. Now the situation of infection in the country is largely under control, in view of which foreign flights are being approved from April 1.

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