Google, Apple, Tesla shares will be traded on NSE IFSC from today, know how you can take advantage?

Google, Apple, Tesla shares will be traded on NSE IFSC from today, know how you can take advantage?


new Delhi. Buy US Stocks From India : Trading on NSE IFSC has started in select stocks listed in the US market from today. Now people sitting in India can trade in these shares from the International Exchange of National Stock Exchange (NSE). The biggest benefit of this will be those people who feel that the shares of companies like Apple, Google and Tesla will go up very fast and should invest in them.

Let us tell you that NSE IFSC is actually the International Exchange of NSE. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSE. In August last year, the NSE International Exchange announced that trading in select US stocks would be facilitated through the NSE IFSC platform. Investors will be able to buy US stocks and issue depository receipts against shares through this platform.

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Trading of receipts of 50 stocks has been allowed on this platform. Of these, eight will be available for trading from March 3. These stocks include the names of Alphabet Inc (Google), Amazon Inc, Tesla Inc, Meta Platforms (Facebook), Microsoft corporation, Netflix, Apple and Walmart. These are all big and famous stocks of America.

Separate circular will be issued for the rest of the stocks
The date of commencement of trading of the remaining stocks will be intimated through a separate circular. The entire process of trading, clearing, settlement and holding of US stocks on this platform will be completed under the regulatory framework of the IFSC Authority.

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Indian retail investors will be able to do business under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) limit through the platform of NSE IFSC. Explain that the provision of LRS has been made by RBI.
According to NSE IFSC, international investment through this platform will become very easy and its cost will not be high. Investors will also have the facility to invest in fractional quantities on this platform.

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