Google CEO Sundar Pichai relaxes with special technology NSDR, you also know

Google CEO Sundar Pichai relaxes with special technology NSDR, you also know


new Delhi. People adopt different methods to stay stress free. Some meditate and some relax themselves by listening to music. Google CEO Sundar Pichai resorts to NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest – NSDR) to relax himself. In this technique, the body is made to work again through deep rest without sleeping.

Sundar Pichai told in an interview to Wall Street General that NSDR is very beneficial. He got information about this from a podcast. Pichai told that when he has trouble concentrating, he searches for videos related to NSDR and then follows them. They try to do NSDR through 10, 20, 30 minute videos.

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What is NSDR? (What Is NSDR)

NSDR was awarded by Stanford Neuroscience Prof. Andrew Huberman claimed to have invented it. In NSDR, a person lies down on the ground with his eyes closed. Then tries to focus his attention on one thing. NSDR is easier to do than meditation. In NSDR, as the brain starts going into a state of rest, the heart rate slows down. The human brain turns from beta waves to alpha waves. Beta waves are associated with an active mind, while alpha waves are more active in a calm state.

Advantages of NSDR

Huberman says that NSDR not only helps people to relax, sleep more easily, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, but it also helps to accelerate learning. This can generally be achieved in two ways- Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis.

How To Do NSDR

Yoga Nidra instructor Tracy Stanley says that to do this kriya, you lie on the ground on your back and close your eyes and focus your attention on one thing. You can also focus your attention on your breath. Feel each part of your body. Keep taking long deep breaths and release your body.

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Also mentioned in Rigveda

Yoga Nindra is a gift of India. It is also mentioned in Rigveda. It has been practiced here since ancient times. To go into Yoga Nidra, lie down on your back by laying a mat in a quiet and low light place. Take a deep breath. Then while breathing normally, focus on the toes of any foot. Don’t try to block other thoughts coming to your mind. For a while, bring your attention from the toes to the knee, then to the thigh. Now repeat the same process on the other leg. While doing this, focus on the throat, chest etc. Take a deep breath and lie in this position for some time. Now focus on the surrounding environment and take the right side and exhale through the left nostril. After a while, sit up slowly and open your eyes slowly. This whole process will take 10-15 minutes.

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