Google Doodle wished Valentine's Day with love puzzle, know how to play it

Google Doodle wished Valentine’s Day with love puzzle, know how to play it


Valentine’s Day 2022: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the festival of love, Google has congratulated people on Valentine’s Day by making a video of a cute Google Doodle musical love puzzle. In today’s Google Doodle, two loving bird couples with hearts have been shown. These birds express their love by giving flowers to each other, as well as music plays in the background.

Google makes any celebration more attractive from time to time by making attractive doodles. This time Google has introduced the puzzle of two hamsters as a doodle in its doodle on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. These two hemsters are seen expressing their love in space. It is shown in this puzzle that two loving hamsters are separated due to the big logo of Google Doodle. Now it is the responsibility of the game player to mix them. These hamsters will get closer as you pass the level of this puzzle. When both of them meet, you will see a heart and a message of Happy Valentine’s Day on your screen.

This love puzzle of Google Doodle is not a very difficult game, but surely this puzzle will attract love pairs from all over the world. According to the website of Google Doodles, the Google team had to go through various designing stages before completing this new 3D interactive puzzle for Valentine’s Day.


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