google employees:  Some Google employees 'unhappy' with compensation, reveals internal survey - Times of India

google employees: Some Google employees ‘unhappy’ with compensation, reveals internal survey – Times of India


Google is one of those companies that many aspire to work at. Known for offering great perks, good benefits, among other things, being a ‘Googler’ is an aspirational thing. However, an internal survey has revealed that Google employees are dissatisfied with compensation. A report by Business Insider reveals that if there is one area where employees are really unhappy about then it is compensation.
The survey — called Googlegeist — was accessed by Business Insider and revealed among many Googlers there was a year-on-year decline in what they felt about their compensation when compared to how employees at rival companies were paid. “53% of Googlers responded favourably that their total compensation is competitive compared to that of similar jobs at other companies, down from 63% last year,” the report revealed. About 27% responded unfavourably, a number which was up from 18% compared to last year. Around 20% of Googlers who took part in the survey remained neutral.
The report further reveals that 60% of respondents were favourable towards their compensation and felt it was fair and equitable. However, this number was down from 66% last year. 21% of Googlers were neutral on this point whereas 19% remained unfavourable.
Other interesting things that survey revealed was that about 62% Google employees said their well-being had improved. Further, 57% said that they could detach from work for ‘me-time’, revealed report.
Meanwhile, a CNBC report last month stated that Google is relaxing certain Covid-19 norms. David Radcliffe, vice president, Google Real Estate and Workplace Services told employees that mandates around testing, wearing masks, vaccines and social distancing were being relatively eased.
The report states that Google has also informed employees that certain perks will be reinstated. Google will give access to employees to fitness centres, massages, restore shuttle service. Further, Google will also open its informal spaces like game rooms, music rooms and lounges.


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