google:  How Google may soon aggregate all game-streaming service libraries into one outlet - Times of India

google: How Google may soon aggregate all game-streaming service libraries into one outlet – Times of India


Google is making an attempt to organise the multiple game streaming service libraries into one central, searchable outlet. According to 9to5Google, ChromeOS has been the first platform to provide details about the tech giant’s game streaming aggregation service. The company has added support for “game search” to the Chrome OS launcher in a series of code changes. The reports claim that Google is preparing an aggregator that will at least provide search results about video games including its cloud service availability. This will help in sorting through all the available cloud gaming services for users to know which game can be played on which platform.
Google TV app has (previously Play Movies & TV) has served as an easy outlet to find out which streaming services are offering your favourite content. Google TV can act as a hub for all the streaming services and can help users to look for content in that hub instead of manually browsing through individual libraries.
How will it work?
After music, movies and TV, now video games have become the latest trend in streaming. Microsoft offers an Xbox in the cloud through Game Pass Ultimate, Nvidia GeForce Now gives you access to an RTX 3080 while Google has its offering through Stadia. On top of that, there are other services like — Amazon Luna, Shadow and the newly revamped PlayStation Plus Premium. Across all these platforms, a plethora of games are available to be played in the cloud, without any expensive gaming hardware. It can be a difficult task to choose something to play with the libraries being expanded constantly. This is where Google’s aggregator for cloud game-streaming services will come in handy.
As per the reports, Google’s aggregated cloud game listings will appear within the search results from Chrome OS’s launcher in the same way it has Android apps from the Play Store. Users have to wait to watch how these search results work and how configurable they can be. For example, users need an active subscription to play on services like Game Pass, while GeForce Now makes it necessary for players to buy its supported games through a store like Steam. Amazon Luna with its multiple different “channels” of game libraries can also be a bit confusing.
Recently, Google has put a lot of effort into transforming Chromebooks into legitimate gaming machines. The company has added Steam to these devices and has shown more signs of being focused on gaming with RGB keyboards and variable refresh rate support.
Chromebooks have already been a good gaming device, thanks to cloud support. Not just supporting games from the native service Steam, but services like Stadia and GeForce Now also offer compatible web apps that are expected to work on almost any recent Chromebook.


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