Government is working on 14 rail projects for faster transportation of coal, know details

Government is working on 14 rail projects for faster transportation of coal, know details


new Delhi . Higher coal prices are increasing pressure on railways to transport coal domestically. Therefore, the government is emphasizing on setting up 14 important coal extraction rail projects for strengthening rail infrastructure and for faster transportation of fuel.

These projects include Tori-Shivpur railway line, Jharsuguda-Barpali-Sardega rail link and Shivpur-Kathautia railway line. The status and progress of these projects were reviewed in a meeting held last month under the chairmanship of Coal Secretary AK Jain.

pressure on railways
The production of imported coal-fired thermal power plants is expected to decline further due to higher fuel prices. This will put pressure on the Railways to transport domestic coal.

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Jain said, “About eight per cent of thermal power generation was from imported coal-based plants, which has come down to three per cent due to high coal prices. It is expected to decrease further in future. This will put pressure on the Railways.

emphasis on increasing coal transport
In these circumstances, he stressed on the need to increase coal transportation at the domestic level. He said, “The cabinet secretary will specifically review the capacity of railways to transport coal, as most of the imported coal-based thermal power plants are located further away from the coast.” are important for fast and effective transportation.

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