Nirmala Sitharaman said – Banks should be more customer friendly, there should be no relaxation in credit standards

Government will not panic due to market volatility, LIC’s IPO will come on time, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said this big thing


new Delhi. Amid the continuing volatility in the stock market and Russia-Ukraine tensions, the government Life Insurance Corp. of India (LIC) is committed to bring IPO. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that the government will not make any changes in its plan and the IPO will be launched on time.

Sitharaman said, there is enthusiasm in the market about LIC’s IPO and we are going ahead with it. We are equally concerned about the impact of the global situation on the market. However, on the question whether the date of the IPO can be postponed given the current volatility? The Finance Minister said, investors are eagerly waiting for this and we are fully prepared to take advantage of it.

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Refusal to speak on NSE Scam
Asked the Finance Minister in a press conference on the controversies related to Chitra Ramakrishna, former MD and CEO of NSE, he said that its investigation is with the market regulator SEBI and when they do not have complete details, They can’t say anything.

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Raised the issue of GST compensation of the states
On the demand for more money from the states to compensate for the shortfall in GST collection, Sitharaman said that there is no difference between the two. Only the GST Council takes the final decision on such issues and to compensate for the fall in 2020, the states were given a separate loan. Along with this, the period of recovery being done in the form of cess has also been extended.

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