Harshika left the corporate job of 9 years to become a bike taxi driver, proud of her work

Harshika left the corporate job of 9 years to become a bike taxi driver, proud of her work


new Delhi. It is often seen that when women empowerment is discussed, then pictures of successful women emerge in our mind, who are either CEO of a big company or a big social worker or a celebrity. But there are many such women in the society who have become a source of inspiration for others by moving away from the old ways. On the occasion of Women’s Day 2020, we are telling the story of a woman who made her own way, challenging all the restrictions of the male dominated society.

The driving ability of women is underestimated. But Harshika Pandya, a resident of Surat, has worked to change this mindset of the people. The struggle of Harshika Pandya, a resident of Surat, Gujarat, is also no different from ordinary women. Let’s meet the 37-year-old woman from Surat who paved the way for women in the bike taxi segment of India.

Surat’s only woman bike driver
37-year-old Harshika Pandya is also a topper in studies. He has a post graduation degree in journalism. A few months back, Harshika joined Ola, the world’s largest ride-hailing platform. Prior to this, she worked in NJ Finance. When Harshika decided to become an entrepreneur, she quit her 9-year-old corporate job and started pursuing her dream of traveling.

When Harshika came to know that Ola was hiring driver partners for its bike category, she thought of trying her hand at the job of a bike driver. Because she was comfortable riding a bike. Within a few days of joining the company, she not only gained confidence but was also grateful for the respect and recognition she received.

Harshika is not the only earner in the house
Harshika lives with her mother and other family members. His family members are very supportive and they encouraged his decision to become an Ola bike driver. She is not the only earner in the house. Being able to support her family and strengthen them financially helps Harshika to be proud of herself as well as boost her morale.

Get confidence from your work
Harshika says, “Being a bike driver partner gives me the confidence to achieve my goals by becoming financially independent. With Ola, not only have my earnings increased, but I am able to work with dignity and spend my work time. I am able to choose. Due to her flexible schedule, she completes 8 to 9 rides in a day, which gives her time to do her other work and take care of her family. With most of his customers being students, he is proud that his family feels more secure with him on the bike and also appreciates his courageous endeavours. It motivates them to keep doing more.

Able to be a role model for other women
Harshika hopes that her story will encourage earning women to take such decisions. “Ola not only gives us the necessary training that helps us professionally, but its technology also keeps us safe so timing is never a problem.” I am thankful to Ola for enabling me to be a role model for other women and showing them that they can achieve anything if they are determined to do something.

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