Health insurance can save you from selling homes in difficult times, know the terms and conditions and benefits


Health Insurance: After the pandemic, the importance of health insurance has increased rapidly among the people. Due to sudden illness, many people have come to sell their houses again and again. New diseases have broken people financially. In such a situation, health insurance has become a big help. A good family health insurance has become essential to deal with any sudden illness or calamity so that it does not affect your life’s hard earned money.

Health insurance is not expensive
Health insurance is not very expensive. If you are 40 years old and take a family pack of 4 people, then you have to pay a premium of 30-35 thousand rupees per year for a cover of 25 lakhs. With this premium of 30-35 thousand, your entire life savings and property gets protected.

Insurance is a must before eating
Insurance experts say that in today’s date it is necessary to have health insurance before eating. Especially in times like Corona, people should double or triple the health insurance cover. Because it has become a new normal. Apart from corona, other diseases can come at any time. In such a situation, you have no option but to borrow or sell your house.

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Sometimes it happens that it becomes difficult for you to get the loan at such a time. In such a situation, health insurance is like a god to you. According to the SBI report, the cost of health has increased significantly in recent times. Indian people will have to spend an additional 15 thousand crore rupees on health in the coming time.

Insurance should be taken for the whole family
Whenever you take health insurance, it should be tried that it covers the entire member of your family. If you work in a company, then its group insurance is not enough for you. Because group cover also covers only in a limited range. Even in such situations, you should take a separate health insurance cover. With this, you can avoid such sudden expenditure situation.

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