Holi 2022: Greet friends and relatives through WhatsApp Sticker, download and share like this

Holi 2022: Greet friends and relatives through WhatsApp Sticker, download and share like this


Holi 2022: Today Holi is being celebrated across the country. People are wishing each other a happy Holi by applying colors, but we are not able to meet some people due to being away or due to some other reason. In such a situation, Holi will be wished from afar to friends or relatives. But how? In such a situation, WhatsApp helps us. Through this you can say Happy Holi to all. Usually, we send messages by writing to wish someone, but the idea of ​​Happy Holi through stickers on WhatsApp is very different.

We are telling you about such a way by which you can wish your friends Happy Holi through WhatsApp Sticker.

How to Download Stickers on Android Phones
>>First go to the WhatsApp Sticker section, and tap on the emoji present on the left bar of the screen. Open the sticker option from the bottom right side.

Press on the >>+ icon, and go to the right side of the screen, which will give you the sticker library. Scroll down until you find ‘Get More Stickers’.

Choose from hundreds of Holi stickers to share. If you can’t find Holi stickers, click on Playstore logo to get more stickers.

How to Download Stickers on iPhones
Step 1: First of all open WhatsApp.
Step 2: Open the chat window of the person to whom you want to send the sticker.
Step 3: Tap on the text bar, and click on the Stickers tab on the right.
Step 4: All the sticker options available on WhatsApp will open.
Step 5: Select the sticker pack and download it.
Step 6: Once done, the stickers will be available in the Library.

What to do when visiting Playstore/App Store:
— Once you’re on the Google Play Store, search for Holi-themed stickers with the keywords ‘Holi WhatsApp stickers’ or ‘WhatsApp stickers for Holi’.

— Download and install the application and click on ‘Add to WhatsApp’ option.

— Go back to WhatsApp and follow the steps mentioned earlier, and share with friends and family on Holi 2022. If you have an iPhone then follow the same steps.

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