How to install WordPress in Cpanel softaculous 2021

How to install WordPress in Cpanel softaculous. How to Install WordPress Hindi 2021. How to Install wordpress on web hosting.

Hello friends I am Tanmay Roy. In this article, we have taught you, how to install WordPress website using softaculous on Cpanel hosting. But before installing WordPress, let us know what is WordPress?

What is WebHosting?

WebHosting is a content management system. This is such a platform, through which you can manage your website well, even without knowing any coding.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel softaculous

If you want to install WordPress in Cpanel softaculous to run your website, then first you have to buy hosting as well. Because if you want to install WordPress automatically, then you have to buy hosting from any hosting provider.

When you buy hosting from a hosting provider, that hosting provider will also provide you with a cpanel to run your website, as well as a system for an automatic WordPress installation.

With the help of which you can easily make your website live on the internet by installing WordPress for your website management. I suggesting to you the names of some hosting providers.

  • BlueHost
  • Hostinger
  • Hostgetor
  • Reseller Club

Install wordpress on web hosting

Now i tell you the process of install WordPress on WebHosting. It is not a big deal to install WordPress, But this (CMS) Content Management System gives you benefit if you are a blogger and don’t know the script languages like C++, Java, CSS, HTML, PHP.

  1. At first you have to login in your cpanel by using your cpanel id password. https://www.your domain
  2. After login you should go down and look at softaculous section. In this section you find wordpress.
  3. If did not find Softaculous Apps Installer section, look at top side of your cpanel. There is a section of search bar. Goto search bar and type WordPress.
  4. After find wordpress, Click on it, And it will take you to a new page from where you will be able to install WordPress.
  5. Click Install Now button. Now you are on a new page.
  6. Under Choose Installation URL, in protocol section select https://www.
  7. Under domain section, choose your domain name.
  8. Blank in directory section.
  9. Choose lattest version of WP. In default it’s allready select lattest version.
  10. In site settings, Put your site title, and site description.
  11. In admin account section put admin WP username and password, and put email id.
  12. In advance section, don’t do anything.
  13. Select plugin section. If you want to install plugin, then go for it. It is not mendetory.
  14. In theme section select any theme for look batter to your website.
  15. Now click install.
  16. After installation, you got your WordPress administrative link. Link look like

WordPress Installation step by step by picture

If you are having trouble understanding the above steps. So by looking at the images given below, you will be able to easily install WordPress automatically in your cPanel.

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