How to send message to yourself on Whatsapp? This trick is very simple, know

New Delhi. If you want to message yourself on WhatsApp, then just know a little trick. It will be of great use to you. There is a feature of self chat in WhatsApp which most of the people are not even aware of. Meaning you can message yourself. The advantage of this is that if you want to remember a list, then you message it to yourself, you will remember that list. If you send any files or notes to yourself, they will be safe with you.

In this news today we are going to tell you how to chat with yourself on WhatsApp. Here step by step information is given to you.

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1. First of all open a browser on your phone or computer. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other).

2. Type in the address bar followed by your phone number. Please enter your country code before entering your mobile number. Indian users can type their phone numbers in the format

3. You will get a window prompt to open WhatsApp. For mobile users, WhatsApp will open showing the number along with the profile picture at the top. Users can then start chatting with themselves. Can send notes, photos and videos to yourself.

4. PC or computer users will see a new window that will open with a button that reads, “Continue to Chat”. Select that option, after that either WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop app will open with your own chat. Users can then start chatting with themselves or send notes to themselves. This chat will be visible on the user’s phone and other devices from where they can access this information taken in the form of notes at any time.

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