Hydrogen Policy: Vacation will be available from expensive petrol and diesel, the government has made a good plan

Hydrogen Policy: Vacation will be available from expensive petrol and diesel, the government has made a good plan


new Delhi. Not only the common man, but the government is also troubled by the rising prices of petrol and diesel. To get rid of this, the government has made a hydrogen policy, which will produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030.

Presenting its master plan, the Ministry of Power said that this will not only reduce our dependence on imports, but will also ensure the protection of the environment. The government’s plan is to make India a hub of hydrogen energy. For this the target of production has also been fixed and all the incentives will be given by the government.

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Manufacturers will get exemption for 25 years
As per the policy, manufacturers planning for Green Hydrogen will be exempted from Inter-State Transmission Charges for 25 years. This charge is taken for transporting electricity from one state to another. Only those companies who will apply for setting up a plant by June 30, 2025, will be given the benefit of this exemption. Along with this, these companies will also be given the facility to store their surplus energy.

7 lakh crore import bill
With this move, the government can cut its import bill by increasing the production of renewable energy. At present, the share of crude oil in the total import bill is more than Rs 7 lakh crore. Under the hydrogen policy, companies will be given open access within 15 days of the application to start production soon. These companies will be allowed to buy renewable energy from other places.

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Government will also distribute license to sell cheap fuel
The Ministry of Power said that license will also be given to sell hydrogen energy produced under this scheme. Companies producing Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia will get licenses to sell cheaper fuel in their states, which will cover only the cost of transportation and procurement. The government also intends to export this energy by increasing production.

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