If there is confusion in buying electric and CNG cars, then know their advantages and disadvantages.

If there is confusion in buying electric and CNG cars, then know their advantages and disadvantages.


Compare between electric and CNG car: If you are also in confusion about buying an electric or CNG car, then your confusion will be cleared here today. Why today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both cars. Sales of electric and CNG-powered cars in India have increased more than ever in the last one year. Although, the sales of electric cars are still much lower than the total vehicle sales in the country, but it has seen a huge increase as compared to last year.

The cost of running a CNG car is less as compared to a petrol or diesel car, while the cost of an electric car is more. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here today we are telling you about the advantages and disadvantages of CNG car compared to electric car.

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So first let’s talk about the benefits of CNG car.
The biggest advantage of a CNG car is that you do not have to depend on petrol and diesel. You can travel easily at low cost. Recently the price of CNG has increased, yet it is still much lower than the prices of petrol and fuel. The price of a liter of petrol in Delhi is now Rs 95.41, while that of CNG is Rs 53.04. Apart from this, car makers also give the option to run CNG cars on petrol-diesel, so that if the car runs out of CNG, then you can use petrol-diesel.

Now know the disadvantages of CNG vehicle
Despite being economical, people across the country still prefer to use CNG less. The reason for this is the lack of CNG stations in the country. Now car drivers have a lot of trouble in finding CNG stations. CNG station becomes a bit difficult in some city. Apart from this, using CNG for a long time in the car affects the performance of the vehicle. The power output of the car can be up to 10 percent less as compared to the output when using petrol or diesel.

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Now let’s come to the benefits of electric vehicles
Electric vehicles in India got a boost recently when several states announced their individual electric vehicle policies. These EV policies encourage buyers to buy electric vehicles instead of petrol-diesel. In some places, there is no RTO fee or road tax to be paid for buying an EV. Electric vehicles are also very economical to operate. The cost of driving a kilometer of car in many cars is less than a rupee. It is cheaper than a CNG car. Also, its car maintenance cost is very less. Electric vehicles are also preferred across the world due to their zero emissions.

Disadvantages of electric vehicle
Even after having so many advantages, the demand for EV in India lags behind. The main reason for this is their high price. Electric vehicles cost more than normal cars. Even the electric two-wheelers cost a lot as compared to their ICE counterpart. This is because of the high cost of the batteries used in them. Apart from this, lack of EV charging stations in the country. Finding a charging station is a big task for EV users right now. Even if someone does find a place, they are often far and few. Most of the affordable EVs offer a range of less than 400 kms on a single charge which can prove difficult for EV owners to take the risk of long drives without preparation or options.

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