If you are troubled by the weak signal of mobile at home, then follow these tips


new Delhi. People in India often face the problem of mobile network or internet connection at home. Due to network connectivity, there is some place in the house where it becomes difficult for us to make calls or use the internet. There can be many reasons for this, but this problem can be fixed by adopting some methods.

There can be many reasons behind the problem of network connectivity. Any electromagnetic induction device placed in your homes or your phone’s setting.

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Keep distance from electromagnetic induction device
According to media reports, if your phone is having internet problems or you are not able to communicate properly on the phone. In such a situation, keep distance from electromagnetic induction devices such as internet router or current lamp or turn it off.

How to deal with mobile network problem
By putting a SIM in another mobile, you can see whether the problem is on one device or on all devices. Switch off the mobile and then on. In this way also the problem can be solved. If the problem still persists, then go to the mobile’s settings and click on Wireless and network settings. Select the Mobile network option. Then tap on Network Operators and select the network manually or automatically.

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If you use iOS operating system, then go to user settings and click on Mobile + SIM, after that you have to go to SIM settings and choose network manually or automatically.

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