If you are worried about the job then start this business for 50 thousand rupees, will earn up to 5 lakhs, the government will give 40% subsidy

If you are worried about the job then start this business for 50 thousand rupees, will earn up to 5 lakhs, the government will give 40% subsidy


new Delhi. If you are planning to start your business then you can earn huge profit by doing mushroom farming in less money. In today’s time the demand for mushrooms is also very high. For this, you will not need any open or big farm, your earning will start in the four walls of the house, nor does it require any special training.

Mushroom business. Yes. Mushroom business is a profitable business. Mushroom is important not only from nutritional and medicinal point of view but also for export. You can start this business by investing only 50 thousand rupees. Let me tell you how…

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How to do Mushroom Cultivation
If you want to earn from this business, then you have to pay attention to the techniques of mushroom cultivation. It can easily produce 10 kg of mushroom per square meter. Mushrooms can be grown by making three three-feet wide racks in a space of at least 40×30 feet. You can start this business with the help of government subsidy.

How to make compost
Paddy straw has to be soaked to make compost and after a day it is left to rot, adding DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofudoran. Compost is ready after about one and a half months. Now by mixing cow dung manure and soil equally and laying a layer about one and a half inch thick, two to three inch thick layer of compost is applied on it. To retain moisture in it, the mushroom is sprayed two to three times a day. A two-inch layer of compost is added on top of it. And thus the mushroom production starts.

Start by taking training in mushroom farming
Mushroom cultivation training is given in all agriculture universities and agricultural research centers. If you are planning to cultivate it on a large scale, then it is better to train it properly once.

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can start with 50 thousand
The project cost of mushroom business depends on several factors. You can start it by investing 50 thousand to 1 rupee. Up to 40% subsidy is available from the government. The government has also started loan facility for growing mushrooms.

Know how much you will earn
If you start it with advanced technology then you will start earning in lakhs. Its growth rate is 12.9% in the whole world. If you start growing it in an area of ​​100 square feet then you can earn a profit of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per year.

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