If you follow these things and get this device installed then your car will never be stolen


new Delhi. Incidents of car theft are increasing continuously in India. Although, over time, car manufacturers have started providing safety features in cars, but still most of the safety features are available only in expensive cars. Low cost cars have few theft protection features.

There are many such devices in the market that can greatly reduce the chances of your car being stolen. We have prepared a list of such accessories and gadgets for you, which will not allow your car to be stolen. Come, let’s know about them..

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steering lock

Nowadays most of the cars come with a car steering lock. Apart from these, you can also install extra steering lock which is stronger. The steering lock stabilizes the steering in one place and does not allow it to spin. Because of this the car cannot be driven and the car is saved from being stolen.

pedal lock

The pedal lock is used to lock the accelerator and brakes. The price of pedal lock ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 1000. If it is installed in the car then no thief will be able to steal your car easily.

gear shift lock

The cost of installing a good gear shift lock in the vehicle is up to Rs 1500. It locks the gear shifter completely. If the thief breaks into the car by breaking the lock and starts the car even then he will not be able to take it because the car will not take the gear due to the gear lock being installed, the gear shift locks are very strong, it is not possible to break and cut them easily. Is.

GPS system

The car can be easily tracked with GPS. Put this device in such a place in the car where no one can see. If someone tries to run away with your car, you will get an alert on your phone and you can easily track your car.

Do not park in a secluded place

You should never park your car in a secluded place. Doing so increases the chances of the car being stolen. This is because thieves always steal the car from a place where there are not many people and they get more time to break the lock etc. Therefore, avoid parking the car in a secluded place.

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Do not open the glass and window

Whenever you park the car, make sure that all the doors and diggies of the car are locked and the windows are completely closed. If by mistake you leave the car unlocked, it is like icing on the cake for a thief. It becomes easy to open the car even if the glass is not fully mounted. So close them properly.

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