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new Delhi. If you are looking for a stock in which you can make good profits by investing for the medium term, then you must read this news. Sharing the idea of ​​profit for Moneycontrol Pro, Madhuchanda Dey has recommended the share of Happiest Minds Technologies for such people.

Happiest Minds Technologies had its IPO a few years back and gave a stellar return. Even after that, the stock showed a tremendous rally. But this stock also fell in the recent global selling. Since this is a share of a technology company, it has corrected slightly more than others, meaning that the shares of technology companies were under the most pressure in this global sell-off.

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Company is strong, earnings are likely to be good

Madhuchanda Dey says that this stock is underperforming in this year. He said that due to the ongoing global macro challenges, he sees some risk regarding the earnings of this company. It is expected that the company, which generates about 96 percent revenue from digital offerings, will present good earnings figures. The company has got good orders and the company looks strong even on the current projects. While the talent crunch affected margins, aggressive hiring would ensure that the challenge would be over in a few quarters.

Weak currency will favor it for the company’s business splendid. Given the global situation, it is a bit difficult for the currency to recover quickly in the near future. In such a situation, every fall in the market will give a good opportunity to invest in this company for the medium term.

Happiest Mind Share Price History

350 was listed on 17 September 2020. Happiest Mind Technologies stock closed at Rs 1142 on Wednesday, 23 March 2022. This stock had hit a high of Rs 1580 on 16 July 2021. Since then it has been trading continuously making lower-low. The stock has got good support around Rs 930.

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