If you want a VIP number of BSNL, then this work will have to be done online, know the complete process

If you want a VIP number of BSNL, then this work will have to be done online, know the complete process


new Delhi. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) gives its customers the option to choose a fancy or VIP phone number that is easy to remember and has a good combination of certain numbers. Fancy numbers are provided by BSNL for both postpaid and prepaid users. The customers need to bid through e-auction to get the VIP number of their choice (BSNL VIP Number). The customers have to register with the telecom operator before bidding. BSNL segregates fancy numbers into different patterns so that its customers can choose the number by participating in the e-auction.

As the demand for fancy or VIP numbers is high, BSNL conducts e-auction through its dedicated website to give the customers an official way to get these numbers.

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How to get BSNL fancy number online?
BSNL provides fancy numbers through e-auction that takes place on regular basis. Each circle conducts its own e-auction. You can check the auction schedule in your circle from the BSNL site. Irrespective of your circle, you need to register yourself to participate in the e-auction to get the BSNL fancy number. Below is how you can register yourself and get fancy BSNL number online.

Visit the e-auction site and select your circle.
Click on Login/Register link from the top bar.
Enter your mobile number and email id. BSNL will share the login details on your given email id.
Now, after clicking on the login/register link, select the login tab and enter your mobile number and password.
Click on Login to complete the process.
Select the Available Numbers option from the sidebar on the site to see the available fancy numbers.
-Select the number you want to bid for and then click on Continue to Cart.
Now, pay the refundable registration amount, and note down the last date of bidding.
After registration, you will have to place the lowest bid for your selected number to participate in the e-auction.

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post bidding process
BSNL will select three participants from the list of bidders for each fancy number. The company said in its terms and conditions that the rest of the participants will get their registration fee back within 10 days of the end of the e-auction in the circle.

The three contestants selected for the fancy numbers will be classified as H1, H2, and H3 based on their bid amount.

If the participant of the bid with the highest amount does not take the fancy number connection, the bid will move to the next participant.

In order to get the fancy number successfully, the bidder has to provide his/her address proof and identity details. Apart from Indian citizens, firms registered in the country can also participate in the e-auction for fancy numbers.

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